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H2O Accounting is a proudly young and fresh accounting firm. The founder Dale Waters CA (SA), together with his partner, Chantelle Waters, saw the need in the Eastern Cape market, to refresh the way accounting firms are run and how bookkeeping is done.

Following the trends of the ever changing accounting world, with the advent of technology, H2O Accounting was formed to give the Eastern Cape and South Africa a shake up to the old fashioned way of approaching accounting services. We utilise cloud accounting software which allows us or you to work anywhere, anytime, any place.

We do not believe in billing our clients for every minute spent doing services for them. We provide fixed-fee monthly packages to our clients, namely Still H2O, Sparkling H2O, Flavoured H2O and Iced H2O. This is an all-inclusive package based on needs and required services. No longer will our clients be shocked to receive large, unexpected invoices from their accountants. Our clients can better budget their cash flow knowing that they have a fixed monthly accounting fee, that doesn’t fluctuate.

Why outsourced accounting?

Reduce overhead costs

No expensive outlay for having inexperienced people running an accounting department.


Growing businesses often start out with smaller needs, but rapidly grow to require a full suite of accounting services. Having an outsourced accountant with a full service offering enables the outsourced services to scale to your needs without having to train or hire additional staff.

Training and management

Most business owners are not in a position to train or manage bookkeeping staff. Having an outsourced accountant means that they are always up-to-date on the latest software and trends. They are also up-to-date on the latest tax laws and accounting policies.

Maximize your resources

By outsourcing your accounting services allows you, as a business owner, to focus on and grow your core business. It frees you up to spend more time on doing what you do best.

Integrity of information

By utilising an outsourced accountant, the integrity of the financial data can never be questioned. From source document capturing right through to the financial statements, reliability can be placed on the information being accurate.

Hydrate your business

By outsourcing your accounting to a professional team like H2O Accounting, we can help hydrate your business by having up to date financial information to enable you to make the right management plans.

Meet the team

Dale Waters


Chantelle Waters


We provide our outsourced accounting services by using Xero, with integrations from the many other cloud-based solutions. We are a Xero certified partner.

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